General info Tunnel size(mm) 800(L)*650(W)
Conveyor Speed(m/s) 0.22
Conveyor height(mm) 341
Conveyor Max Load(kgs) 200
Zoom 1x to 64x
X ray dose per each inspection ≤3.5 μGy
X ray leakage <1μGy/h at any point 5 centimeters outside the external surface
Penetration 34 mm steel
Power Consumption max. 800W
Physical Specifications Unit size (mm) 2848(L)*1095(W)*1536(H))
after packed in wooden pallet -Gross weight (kgs) 800
Packing size #1: 212*122*177cm
#2: 122*90*141cm
OPERATING MODES Operation temperature/Humidity 0℃-40℃ / 0%-90%(non-condensing)
Storage Temperature/Humidity -20℃to 60℃ / 10%-90%(non-condensing)
Operation Power 220VAC(±10%) 50±3Hz (Optional: 100VAC,110VAC,120VAC,200VAC)
UPS Options: 15mins, 30mins, 60mins etc
Computer and other 2 17-inch LCD monitors, 1280*1024, one console desk
Hard Disk 2T
Keyboard Special designed
Windows 10
Electric roller Three-phase


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