• Overview

Computer technicians work in a variety of settings, encompassing both the public and private sectors. Because of the relatively brief existence of the profession, institutions offer certificate and degree programs designed to prepare new technicians, but computer repairs are frequently performed by experienced and certified technicians who have little formal training in the field.

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  • Hardware repair

While computer hardware configurations vary widely, a Computer repair technician that works on OEM equipment will work with five general categories of hardware; desktop computerslaptops, servers, computer clusters, and smartphones / mobile computing devices.

Technicians also work with and occasionally repair a range of peripherals, including input devices (like keyboards, mice, webcams, and scanners), output devices (like displays, printers, and speakers), and data storage devices such as internal and external hard drives and disk arrays. Technicians involved in system administration might also work with networking hardware, including routers, switches, cabling, fiber optics, and wireless networks. OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer.

  • Software repair

A reliable, but somewhat more complicated procedure for addressing software issues is known as a system restore (also referred to as imaging, and/or reimaging), in which the computer’s original installation image (including the operating system and original applications) is reapplied to a formatted hard drive.

Anything unique such as settings or personal files will be destroyed if not backed up on external media, as this reverts everything back to its original unused state. The computer technician can only reimage if there is an image of the hard drive for that computer either in a separate partition or stored elsewhere.

On a Microsoft Windows system, if there is a restore point that was saved (normally saved on the hard drive of the computer) then the installed applications and Windows Registry can be restored to that point. This procedure may solve problems that have arisen after the time the restore point was created.

Finally, if no image or system restore point is available, a fresh copy of the operating system is recommended. Formatting and reinstalling the operating system will require the license information from the initial purchase. If none is available, the operating system may require a new license to be used.

  • Data Recovery


One of the most common tasks performed by computer repair technicians after software updates and screen repairs are data recovery. This is the process of recovering lost data from a corrupted or otherwise inaccessible hard drive.

In most cases, a third-party data recovery software is used to retrieve the data and transfer it to a new hard drive. Specialists say in about 15% of the cases the data is unable to be recovered as the hard disk is damaged to a point where it will no longer function.

  • Upgrade Your RAM or Hard Drive

Some computer upgrades are particularly simple. Adding new RAM to your computer is a very simple process – as long as you buy the right RAM for your computer, installing it is will be easy (even on many laptops.) You can also upgrade your hard drive (or add a new hard drive) to increase the storage space you have available. This is a bit more complicated, as you’ll have to reinstall Windows or move your existing operating system over if you’re replacing the original hard drive, but it’s not too hard.

  • RMA Your Computer

If you bought a laptop or pre-assembled desktop computer, you don’t need to take it to a repair place if it breaks. If it’s still under warranty, you can contact the manufacturer to RMA the computer and have them repair it. RMA stands for “return merchandise authorization” – you’ll need to tell the manufacturer’s service department your problem and receive an RMA number before mailing it to their service center.

  • Recover Deleted Files

If you’ve accidentally deleted an important file, you’ll be happy to know that it may be possible to recover it.

This is because deleted files aren’t actually erased immediately.

If you need in-depth forensic data recovery of critical business documents, you might want to contact a professional for that. This is an expensive service, so unless it’s extremely important data, you may as well just try doing it yourself.