Clean Camera Lenses

The lenses of your CCTV cameras must be cleaned frequently. This is done to ensure that the view is not affected due to dirt, water spots, or other similar factors. Use a can of compressed air to blow off the dirt from your camera’s lens. Then wipe it off with a cloth for uninterrupted videos.

Check Wiring & Power Supply

All the connecting cables must be thoroughly checked to verify they are receiving power. The voltmeter is also checked to ensure that the required power supply is being delivered. In addition to that, the wiring of other security system components such as monitors, DVRs, NVRs, etc. must also be verified.

Verify Time Stamp

It must be checked frequently that the correct date and time stamp are shown on the video recording. Brief power outages can disrupt these settings. The correct date and time stamps are mandatory for the proper monitoring of activities in your property.

Verify your Camera’s Position

Sometimes the positioning of the camera can be disturbed due to some factors. You must verify that the positioning of all the CCTV Security cameras is aligned properly. The position is fixed by checking the monitor for each camera’s view and rotate them accordingly.

Clean DVRs

The DVR port is a significant component of your security system. Make sure that it’s cleaned regularly and dust is removed. The dirt can cause DVRs to overheat, which might cause them to catch fire. Our team at the best CCTV suppliers in the UAE makes sure that the DVRs are serviced every three months.

Check Hard Drives

The status of the hard drives must be periodically checked to make sure that they haven’t run out of space. The surveillance rated hard disks must be chosen for your CCTV system. These disks are perfect for security systems and regular checks can help them last longer.

Check for Corrosion

Corroded surveillance equipment can cause short circuits. You must verify that there are no corrosions in any of the components of the CCTV security system. If any spot is corroded, replace the equipment and make all connections water proof.

Inspect Camera Housing

The enclosures of all the CCTV cameras part of your security system must be checked during maintenance. If you observe any signs of water, dust, or condensation clean the housing immediately.

Verify Lighting

The lighting of the areas where the camera is hosted must be bright enough to capture important details. The images must be clear to monitor each activity closely and avoid security hazards.

Verify Recording is Active 24/7

You must verify that the system is recording footage 24/7. If the CCTV security system installed in any property in UAE is experiencing lagging or interrupted recording, it can prove to be a security breach. You must playback recent recordings and verify that no timestamps are missing for continuous monitoring.

Installation of CCTV Security System is extremely significant for monitoring all ongoing activities in and around your property. It keeps you well-informed of any possible risks and elevated safety. MMJSS is one of the best fire and safety company in Dubai is known for its amazing services of CCTV installation, integration, and suppliers in the UAE. Get in touch with us for setting up your high-performance security system.